There's no crystal ball in litigation, but there is CSI.

Initially, a potential litigation may appear frivolous or insurmountable and those early presumptions can lead to hasty and uninformed decisions.

However, once reconsidered in the context of data, the actual exposure or potential litigation risk becomes crystal clear ... and often different than what was originally assumed. With  Courtroom Sciences Inc. ®  research, trial teams avoid the all-too-common error of being more clever than correct.

CSI's research methodology has been refined over three decades to generate the most scientifically valid estimates of litigation risk and exposure, saving millions in deriving settlement strategies. We bring science to the table today, so your money isn't left on the settlement table tomorrow.

CSI analyzes data to evaluate your exposure, estimate damages, and steer case strategies.

CSI provides objective analysis to illuminate the scope and scale of a potential legal matter. Drawing upon proprietary research methods with a proven track record of predictive validity, CSI consultants can forecast the likely outcome of litigation and estimate the ultimate cost to your business. Armed with this insight, your legal team can execute their strategy with confidence.    

Accurately valuing a case requires digging deeper than just the merits of the claim.

Your financial analysts will estimate disruption to business operations, the potential lost revenue, and the direct costs of legal representation. Meanwhile, Courtroom Sciences, Inc. litigation risk consultants weigh the factors that affect litigation valuation. This combined litigation risk assessment equips your company to make informed decisions. 

Case-Specific Analysis

CSI evaluates the variables that are directly tied to your litigation matter.

Weigh Early Responses

In partnership with our  critical communications team, CSI will assess the claims and the public’s reactions to company disclosures and positioning.

Evaluate Witnesses

CSI will conduct early assessments of potential fact witnesses to consider whether they are likely to contribute to or detract from a favorable outcome.

Estimate Scope & Scale

CSI evaluates the results from early case-specific  focus groups and mock trials to estimate the scale and nature of the challenge ahead.

Outward Considerations

CSI applies external research and data to augment risk assessments and recommendations.

Leverage Analytics

The insight drawn from case-specific analysis is combined with historical data from similar cases and trends in jury decisions .

Consider Societal Climate

CSI Ph.D. consultants consider the subject matter and the present-day forces in society that could amplify or skew perceptions .

Calculate Likelihoods

Using scientific methods and our analysis of data, CSI calculates the probability of certain outcomes.